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About Studio Allegro

Discipline & Creativity

Dance has been at the core of human civilization for centuries. Whether it is a celebrated part of a culture, or simply something done for pure enjoyment, there’s a wonderful feeling that one gets from the art of movement.

Our mission at Studio Allegro is to provide students of all levels with more than just dance classes, but a unique environment in which students can grow both mentally and physically as dancers. Our highly trained and skilled instructors have a wealth of experience in teaching and performing various styles and techniques.

Studio Allegro was founded in 1998 by Susan Catlett and Leslie Drucks.  Since that time the studio has grown within the Madison, NJ community and will celebrate its 25th season beginning in the Fall of 2022.

About Us: About Us

School Policies


All students are required to adhere to the studio’s Dress Code. 

  • Creative movement students must wear a solid color leotard (pink or black), pink tights and pink ballet shoes.  Hair must be neatly tied back off the face. 

  • All Beginner and Teen Ballet students must wear a black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Black skirt is optional.

  • All Intermediate and Advanced Ballet students must wear a black or white leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Black skirt is optional.

  • Hair must be worn in a bun for all Beginner through Advanced Ballet students.  If hair is not long enough for a bun, it must be neatly secured off of the face.

  • Jazz students must wear a black or white leotard, pink tights, jazz shoes.  Black jazz pants or shorts are optional.

  • Modern students must wear a solid color leotard (no specific color required) and black leggings or jazz pants.  No shoes or socks are allowed.

  • Boys must wear a white shirt or leotard, black pants or shorts, white socks, and black or white ballet slippers.

  • Only small earrings may be worn in class.  Please leave all other jewelry (including watches) at home, as the studio is not responsible for any lost items.


Students are expected to attend all of their scheduled classes. In the event that a student is unable to
attend class he/she must fill out the Report of Absence form available on our website and in the Parent
Portal to inform us of his/her absence. Please understand that work at the Intermediate and Advanced
levels requires students to be very conscientious about regular class attendance. Excessive absences are
unacceptable. In the case of illness or injury, we ask that a parent discuss the situation with us.

Students are expected to be on time to all classes. If a student arrives more than 10 minutes late to class,
he/she must have permission from the teacher before entering the studio. If a student needs to leave early
from class, he/she must inform the teacher before class begins. We ask that parents do not call during
class to have their child dismissed early unless it is an emergency.


Pointe classes are offered only with the permission of the director to students who have achieved the technical proficiency and strength required.  Students must have taken two ballet classes per week for at least two years before they will be considered for pointe classes.


No food/drink is allowed in the studio. Please do not leave any food or trash in the dressing room or waiting areas. 

As students enter the studio, they are expected to be quiet and start warming up immediately. Excessive noise in the studio is distracting to other students who are trying to work. Students are not permitted to leave the studio during class unless absolutely necessary. 

All students are expected to treat their teachers and classmates with respect. It is important that the older students set a positive example for the younger students. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. 

As of September 2022, all Intermediate III, Intermediate IV, and Advanced students should use the 2nd floor dressing room to store their belongings and prepare for class.  Students should bring a water bottle and pointe shoes (if applicable) into the studio with them.  No phones are allowed in the studio.

Creative Movement, Beginner Ballet, Teen Ballet, and Intermediate I & II students should use the cubbies in the hallway to store their belongings. 

Students may be dropped off and picked up at the front door.  Please be advised that students picked up later than 15 minutes past their dismissal time are not the responsibility of Studio Allegro. Please do not have your student wait outside to be picked up; We ask that all students stay in the waiting area until a parent arrives. 

In the case of inclement weather, please check your email and/or the studio website for information regarding cancellations. A decision will be made as early as possible, but please double check before leaving for class. Students are permitted to make up any cancelled classes before May 1, 2023.  Please submit the Request for Makeup Class form on our website to schedule your class.


Studio Allegro does not offer refunds. If a student wishes to make up his/her missed classes, a makeup class must be scheduled in advance using the Request for Makeup Class form available on our website.  All makeup classes are to be completed by May 1, 2023. 

Payments are accepted in the form of cash, check payable to Studio Allegro, or credit card. A $35 fee will be charged for all returned checks. 

A $25 non-refundable Registration Fee is included in the first tuition payment, which is due at the time of registration. The balance of tuition must be paid using one of the options outlined in the Tuition Payment Schedule. All payments must be submitted by their due date. After a grace period of seven days, a late fee of 10% will be charged on the amount due. 

All schedule changes must be completed by October 15, 2022. After this date a $25 administrative fee will be charged per schedule change. 


All students have the option to perform in our annual Nutcracker and Spring Concert performances. 

Nutcracker rehearsal and performance information will be available by October 1, 2022.  Nutcracker Package fees are due by October 15, 2022. 

Spring Concert rehearsal and performance information will be available by February 1, 2023.  Spring Concert Package fees are due by February 15, 2023.      

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